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In the area - things to do at and near Fruitlands

Vermont Photo Gallery by Oleg Lempert
A Vermont Photo Gallery by Oleg Lempert

One of our guests this foliage season is a talented photographer from Staten island, NY. Judging from his before-sunrise departures each morning, Oleg works hard at planning out his locations and shots. Thank you, Oleg, for sharing your work with us. We encourage you to browse his other albums taken at locations across this country.

September 23, 2017 - We have had nearly three weeks of picture-perfect weather with full sun and mild temps. The colors are really coming on strong in this area. Remember that there is no better way to experience fall than from one of our kayaks. And when the sun sets, our guests from last night reminded us of something that we might take for ganted: STARS. With no light polution here on top of Thistle Hill, the stars can be breathtaking. Sit up by our outdoor fireplace and make smores while you await the stars. If you are lucky, you will hear the loons calling from the lake below.

Thistle Hill Road

We are excited to add kayak rentals for our guests. We are only a mile from Molly's Falls Pond (Marshfield Dam to locals...2.5 mile long lake that is free of camps) and many other lakes and ponds such as Peacham Pond are nearby. Wilderness Systems Pungo kayaks in 10' (1), 12' (4), a WS Pamlico tandem 14' with rudder and Hurricane Santee 11.6 ultralight. Paddles and PFDs included. $25/day. Delivery and pick up can be arranged for a minimal fee.

We recently sat on the beach on the island with our granddaughter and quietly watched a mother and father loon feed fish to their baby. They did many of their calls and even fanned their wings. What a treat!

Remember that when you arrive back "home," you can soak in our spa!

December 2016 - Vermont Department of Forst and Parks is officially recognizing the growing popularity of fat (winter) biking.

October 2016 - This drone video taken this past week shows the foliage over Groton State Forest. This is our "neighbor." We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful spots one can imagine. The foliage this year is simply spectacular.

8/19,20 The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is also a blend of the old and the new - roots music from the Celtic traditions, old time fiddle tunes, and a touch of blues and bluegrass - not to mention The Dance!! We strive to provide the finest in local and national talent. *Our B&B is only 15-20 minutes from the Festival.

Summer 2016 - Biking the new rail trail: When completed, the new LVRT will be an unparalleled experience, spanning the breadth of Vermont from St. Johnsbury to Swanton, and crossing eighteen communities along the route. Nearly 100 miles long, the LVRT will be the longest rail trail in New England, offering spectacular vistas and local hospitality and services for hikers, bikers, equestrians, snowmobilers, snowshoers, dog mushers and cross-country skiers and a host of other users and organizations.

*Our leg of the LVRT is now complete from West Danville to St. Johnsbury. We are only six miles from the trailhead. Plenty of parking. Riding this trail is a beautiful experience.

5/12/15 - Travel Vermont Events throughout the State

After turning rooms over today (9/27/14), we actually took a bit of a ride on our BMW K bike. Everywhere one looks right now, our world is on fire. This is a spectacular autumn in every way.

8/31 - To celebrate the end of a fantastic month for gardening, lake time, biking or anything else one might do outdoors, we took these pictures of our sunflowers early this morning.
Sunflowers blossoming at Fruitlands at the end of August.

We have outfitted our Tundra to carry our four kayaks, gear and guests to the lake. We are excited to be able to offer this new experience. For those of you who might be new to kayaking, take the time to watch some of the great videos on .

The Seven Days Events Calendar, a one-stop-shop for things to do across Vermont.

Google has just released a virtual tour of the Vermont State Capitol. Did you know that the Vermont State House is the only one in the nation with woods behind it.

Visit some of Vermont's spectacular and intimate natural areas. We are near several of these including Peacham Bog and Lord's Hill. At least half of these areas are less than an hour away.

Vermont's Natural Areas

Explore some of the finest back-country mountain biking in Vermont. Groton State Forest is part of our view and provides thousands of acres of biking.

Biking in Groton State Forest

And for those of you who prefer exploring nature on foot:

Groton State Forest Nature Trails, Reading the Landscape / Map

Feeling "blue" today? Feeling like a fresh raspberry shortcake? Come join in on some of the best blueberry and raspberry picking in in the NEK. We have organic blueberries and raspberries in season. We provide the pint baskets and the flats for picking. Family-friendly picking.

May 1, 2012 - Our bluebirds arrived in March this year, at last six weeks ahead of any time since we built our home in 1976. Yesterday we were commenting that the tree swallows had not returned. Behold, by late afternoon we could hear the swallow chatter, and they were busy "battling" with the bluebirds over which nesting boxes to claim.

April 2012 - We have welcomed three lovely ladies to Fruitlands, Columbian Wyandotte hens. We will soon have a few buff Orpingtons and perhaps the rare French Norman Crevecouer.

May 2010 - Welcome the new members of our Fruitlands family. Six "energizer" quinea fowl can be seen running around the grounds. Five are pearl and one lavender. Two males and four females. They have promised to consume every tick, Japanese beetle and fly that dare come near!

Our new Guinea Fowl.


5/1/09 - This past weekend we planted another bed of 50 blueberries. Several new varieties to us were planted: Reka, Chandler, Blue Gold, Chippewa. Bark mulch has been put down and now to wait five years for first significant berries!

Planting new blueberries 2009.


4/7- Some of the signs of the season that we enjoy the most are nesting bluebirds, apple blossoms and the promise of our vegetable garden. Our guests are welcome to share from our garden as the season progresses. Nothing like that home-grown tomato. *Looking out the window this morning, we still have over 2' of snow in the garden...but this scene below will come rapidly now with sunny days and warm temps.

Late August - Our corn is delightful this year and guests are welcomed to pick a few ears and roast over the open fire. There is nothing as nice as sitting up back by the fire and watching the stars come out. S'mores anyone!

We are still serving fresh rapsberries and blueberries for breakfast. Apples and pears soon!



The photos below were sent to us by an Alabama couple who stopped by to buy our maple syrup. New pictures will be posted soon. (Click on each image to open up a larger view.)

The road to Fruitlands. Heading towards Cabot Village. Our sugarhouse with Rain Man, "king" of our llama heard.

July 31, 05 - One of our raspberry pickers heard the distinctive 1/2:3/4 call of a male indigo bunting this morning. What a treat when one landed on a scare-eye balloon post long enough for us to capture him on film. (Click on thumbnail for larger image.) indigo bunting visiting Fruitlands
Indigo bunting

July 21, 05 - We had the most beautiful sunrise this morning. We could also hear the loons calling form the lake below. (Click on thumbnail for larger image.) Sunrise on July 21, 2005
Click to view larger image.

July 14, 05 - The outdoor fireplace was busy over the 4th weekend as was the lake. Things tend to get much quieter on the lake during the week which is nice for those of you who stay at Fruitlands during week days. Last night we were out on the island until quite late. As we left, we were treated to a mama, papa and baby loon in tow. It was a wonderful moment.

The raspberries and blueberries are ripe!. Imagine, hundreds of feet of lush ripe berries awaiting you as you step outside. Fresh shortcake! For breakfast? Those of you who stay in the Alcott Suite and prepare your own meals in the new kitchen will want to share in many of our delicious organic vegetables.

We recently bought a truck load (literally) of roses and have planted a new rose garden. Our guests are enjoying fresh-cut roses placed in each of our rooms.

At Fruitlands Maple and Fruit / Bed and Breakfast:
~ Relaxing and sharing good conversation
~ Visiting our gardens
~ Sitting by the outdoor fireplace (new fireplace as of 6/22 - our first fire)
~ Harvesting raspberries, blueberries, apples and other fruits in season
~ Walking llamas
~ Stargazing in a "zero" light-pollution setting
~ Enjoying some of the purest water in the state, right from our tap
~ Soaking in our Hostprings Spa

Minutes away:
~ Canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing or watching loons in Molly’s Falls Pond (Marshfield Dam) one of our area's nicest lakes (Fruitlands is in the upper right on top of the mountain.)
~ Professional guide services providing you with some of the finest fly fishing in central and northern Vermont.
~ Riding mountain bikes
~ Snowmobiling on VAST trails
~ Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing (We have Tubbs snowshoes available. Reserve these when you make your room reservation.)
~ Visiting Cabot Creamery

~ Taking in the incredible selection of lillies and other flowers at the Vermont Flower Farm
~ Learning to play Celtic music at the Vermont Institute of Celtic Arts - providing instruction in Highland piping, Scottish smallpiping, French bagpipes, Irish flute, whistle, and bodhran

In the area:

~ Enjoying Groton State Forest, Vermont’s single largest tract of state-owned forest
~ Finding your way into and out of the Great Vermont Corn Maze in North Danville, a "perplexing puzzle pondering place"
~ Visiting Vermont’s state capitol
~ Touring Barre granite quarries and notable local cemeteries
~ Taking in the many local artisans and crafts people
~ Visiting historic St. Johnsbury's Athenaeum and Fairbanks Museum
~ Discovering historic sites in Vermont / National Register of Historic Places

~ Exploring and photographing Vermont's notable covered bridges
~ Enjoying local concerts: Craftsbury Chamber Players and Adamant Music School
~ Attending a Circus Smirkus performance in Greensboro
~ Experiencing Grandview Winery in East Calais.
~ Hiking, trail running, biking, snowshoeing, x-country skiing on Kingdom Trails
~ Skiing at Burke Mountain our home away from home in the winter (special ski packages available for our guests) We are actually within an hour of several notable Vermont ski areas such as Stowe and Sugarbush

Check our weather:
The best weather forecast from the Fairbanks Museum's Eye on the Sky

Fall foliage updates:
Get up-to-date foliage reports from Vermont's official tourism site.

For reservations and additional information, contact us at:
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