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Fruitlands Facebook

9/11/22 - We are open for our organic apple picking and sales Sunday. Our season typically lasts through most of October. All of our apples and pears are organic. We have been planting fruit trees since the 1970s. Most of our trees are Cortlands, our favorite all-around apple for fresh eating, baking, sauce and cider. We also have some Macoun, Sweet 16, Jonamac and Tolman Sweet. Available by the pound, peck or half bushel.



We have been growing organic raspberries here at Fruitlands since the late 1970's. At present we have over 1,500' of neatly-trellised rows. We sell both PYO and custom picked. Our varieties are: Latham, Nova, and Encore, Our typical season begins in mid July and goes through August. *July 31, 23 - We are in the middle of raspberry season and the early stages of blueberry season. The picking is great. Check our Facebook page for daily updates.

Picking raspberries at Fruitlands Berry Farm

We began growing organic blueberries here at Fruitlands in the mid 1980's. Presently we have 200+ high-bush plants. We sell both PYO and custom picked. Our varieties are: Bluecrop, Blueray, Duke, Chippewa, Reka, and Jersey. Our season for blueberries is late July through mid September.

Organic blueberries at Fruitlands Berry Farm
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