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Color My World

This foliage season 2021 is proving to be epic. Somehow after all that we have been through in the last two years (nearly), it seems that mother nature has thrown all of the colors in her pallet at the Vermont mountains as if to say, "You have made it; take a deep breath." Most notable is that we have not even come close to having a frost yet. Nevertheless, the apples are deep red and the leaves...well, I will let the photos below speak for themselves. 1st set taken today around Fruitlands on Thistle Hill. 2nd set set taken from our boat at Willoughby Lake on Thursday. 3rd set taken this evening of the the views of "our lake" (Molly's Falls Pond).

As a side note we had a young couple from China stay with us this week. As is often the case they asked for our recommendations for places to see during this peak foliage season. I shared how they could travel to Burke Mt. in the Northeast Kingdom and drive to the top on the Toll Road. The view from the top includes the awesome Willoughby Gap that is formed from Mt. Pisgah and Mt. Hor rising high on either side of the lake. The cliffs frame the lake on the northern end of the lake. We also taught them the term "leaf peeping." When they returned in the evening having spent a spectacular day at both locations, they giggled when they said, "We went leaf peeping."

Click on the first photo to begin the slide show.

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