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Embrace winter and hug a snowman

What are your favorite memories from your childhood? When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, winters were much colder and snowier than they are now. I did not even have a word for freezing rain since it was not on my childhood "weather radar." When it did get warm enough for a good snowball fight, snow forts and making snowmen, those were great days.

This past Saturday, February 12, 2022, it was very warm. Knowing that by the next day we would be back into negative numbers, it just seemed right to gather up the fashionable materials and to go out and make a Valentine's Day snowman. He is now a very solid citizen and will be gracing Fruitlands for days to come.

Some of the other photos from years gone by are of our first granddaughter and her snowmen and several others are of the many snowmen that I made outside my mother's window as she lived out her last two years in a nursing home. They brought a smile to her face as she looked out and watcher her bird feeders. The snowmen watched over her with love.

When you live in Northern Vermont, you learn to embrace winter, to love snow and wish for more storms to come. On this Valentine's Day, embrace your inner child, build a "snowman" and give him a big warm hug. (Not too warm though!)

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