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It is daylily season at Fruitlands.

The middle of July (July 15 today) means not only the start of our raspberry and blueberry

season, but also the start of weeks and weeks of spectacular daylilies. Yesterday saw our first ruby spider blossom, one or absolute favorites. This first blossom measured 9" across. Gardening is about hope, about optimism. Who among us does not need more of that in these times?

We are also anticipating our first daylily blooms along the back of our newest stonewall that we built last September. As part of our Vermont Plants Sunflowers for Ukraine project across Vermont, we have also planted a 2-3 orange hobbit dwarf sunflowers between each daylily grouping. Look for upcoming photos of our sunflowers. We have hundreds growing all over our grounds.

Whether you visit us for U Pick, visit us as a B&B guest, or simply stop by to say hello and to walk through our gardens, this is prime time. Know that you are welcome to share in our gardens. (Feel free to pull an errant weed or two.)

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