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Oct. 8, 2022 Autumn Colors in the Area around Fruitlands

These photos were taken today during a three-hour slow drive around the back roads in Peacham, Barnet, Danville, Walden, Greensboro, and Craftsbury. This amounts to a "long vacation" for us. We did not have to change over rooms today so that allowed us to take a deserved break.

One note of interest: The photos taken of the Peacham Meeting House / Congregational Church were taken from a private homes back yard. That is the recognized best vantage point. I was hesitant to be so bold without seeing someone outside to ask permission. A couple walked by on the road and said, "Oh she just took down her sign that tells people that they are welcome to use her yard for photos. The BBC is coming this afternoon, and she did not want her sign up and in the way of their photographs." Of special note to us, she had a Ukrainian flag flying by her front door!

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