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October 15 and the Colors Are Still Stunning

We were able to take another drive this afternoon to see how the hard rains and wind this week had affected the autumn colors. In the higher elevations the majority of the leaves have fallen. As you will see from these photos, however, we are still being blessed with one of the best Vermont autumns in memory.The season in our part of Vermont has lasted for over three weeks. We should also all be aware, especially for those of you who make plans to travel here and book with us at Fruitlands. the peaks season keeps moving further into October than most of us remember in the past.

Even the fallen leaves provide their own beauty as they are piled deeply along the gravel roadsides and trails. You don't have to be a child to enjoy the swishing sounds of leaves as you walk along a road or trail.

These photos were taken in Danville, Peacham, and Wells River.

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